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Our Consititution

About us
The Northwood Hills Residents Association Constitution

Adopted at the Annual General Meeting 4th March 1949

Revised 24th May 1990
Revised 08th May 1996
Revised 29th April 2003
Revised 28th April 2004
Revised 16th June 2010
Revised 23rd May 2012
Revised 22nd May 2013
Revised 20th May 2015

1) The Association shall be known as THE NORTHWOOD HILLS RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION and shall be affiliated to such other Associations as the Executive Committee may decide. Business may also apply to join the Residents' Association.

2) The objects of the Association shall be:-
    a) To promote the efficient and economical administration of local government and public affairs of the District.
    b) To protect and watch over the interests of its Members.
    c) To preserve and improve the amenities of the District.

3) The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian.

4) The Association caries out its business with regard to Equal Opportunities. Membership shall be open to residents and occupants of premises of 18 years of age and upwards in Northwood Hills Ward irrespective of the persons:

Race, colour, ethnic or national origin. Being male or female, married or unmarried or because of other responsibilities.
Disability, age, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs.

5) The Annual Subscription shall be due on the 1st April and shall be at a rate per household recommended by the Executive     Committee and approved at the Annual General Meeting.

6) Meetings.
    a) An Annual General Meeting will normally be held in May on a date decided by the Executive Committee, not less than 12 months and not more than 15 months of the date of the previous Annual General Meeting, for the purpose of conducting the ordinary business of the Association.
    b) An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened at any time by the Executive Committee and shall be convened whenever at least Twenty Members submit to the Honorary Secretary a signed request to do so, stating the proposal or proposals they wish to be placed before such meeting. Such meetings shall be held not less than fourteen days nor more than twenty-eight days from the date      of receipt of the request by the Honorary Secretary.
    c) The Executive Committee will normally meet not less than six (6) times a year at approximately two (2) monthly intervals, and Members of the Association may submit to their Road Steward any proposals or suggestions they wish to be discussed at these meetings.
    d) Special Meetings of the Executive Committee may be convened at any time by the Chairman, the Honorary Secretary or at the request of four other Executive Committee Members to discuss any business that may be considered necessary.
    e) The Executive Committee shall have authority to appoint sub-committees of not less than 3 members and delegate such powers as they consider necessary.

7) Members shall be given at least fourteen days notice of any General Meeting.

8) The affairs of the Association (including matters of finance) shall be conducted by an Executive Committee, elected at each Annual     General Meeting, consisting of:

A Chairman
Vice Chairman
Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
Planning Officer
Environment Officer
Transport Officer
Two Chief Road Stewards

Committee members as appropriate to allow representation on other relevant Organisations' Committees and as appropriate for the day to day activities and running of the Residents' Association.

The Executive Committee shall have power to co-opt not more than two additional members and to fill vacancies that may occur during a year. They may also co-opt additional members as appropriate, who may live outside the boundary of Northwood Hills,
where  a special interest or expertise would benefit the Association. Assistant Officers of the Association may be appointed by the Executive Committee from amongst their number as circumstances may direct.

9) At each Annual General Meeting a President and not more than three Vice Presidents may be elected for the ensuing year. Such officers shall be ‘ex officio’ members of all Committees with full powers. Honorary Life Membership of the Association may be awarded at the Annual General Meeting as a mark of appreciation to any member who, in the Association’s judgement, has given long and useful service to the Association. There will be no limit to the number who may receive this award, which will embrace normal voting rights  at General Meetings.

10) Current members, or any party with an interest in Northwood Hills may attend Committee meetings and may, by invitation of the nominated Chairman of the meeting, participate;however only Committee Members will be entitled to vote.

11) Four Members shall constitute a quorum at Meetings of the Executive Committee and Twenty Members at General Meetings. The Chairman shall normally preside at all General and Executive Committee Meetings but if absent or for any reason would the Chairman presiding would be inappropriate the Executive Committee can appoint a Chairman for a particular meeting.

12) All decisions relating to matters discussed at all meetings of the Association shall be decided by the vote of the majority of the           Members present, the Presiding Chairman having a secondor casting vote.

13) The Funds of the Association should be lodged in the name of the Association with a Bank or Building Society approved by the             Executive Committee and the Treasurer or the Chairman shall be authorised to deposit and withdraw money on behalf of the             Association. All documents relating to the Accounts to be held by the Treasurer.

14) The Accounts of the Association shall be examined annually by an Honorary Auditor elected at the General Meeting.

15) Funds that accrue from Annual Subscriptions, donations and any other source, shall be used in the interests of the Association as directed by the Executive Committee.

16) These Rules shall form the Constitution of the Association and shall not be added to, altered or annulled except at an Annual                    General Meeting. Notice of any proposed alterations in the Rules shall be given in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least twenty eight days prior to the date of any Annual General Meetings.

17) Dissolution
    a) A resolution of which notice has been given to the Members for winding-up the Association passed at a General Meeting shall be subject to confirmation by two-thirds majority at a Special General Meeting held within thirty days after such General Meeting.
    b) Any funds remaining on a winding-up and the records of the Association shall be disposed of in such a manner as the Special          General Meeting may decide.

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